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Keeping Your 

Team Safe

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) designs standards and certifications to keep you and your employees safe. However, it can be difficult to navigate these standards and know how to implement them.


At Advanced Safety Consulting Ltd Our Risk Management and Safety Culture Analysis team can assess your gaps with compliance and conformance. This will allow you to create a safer culture and bring down the high cost of unsafe behaviors and hazardous environments.

Inspection Services  

When you receive a Safety & Health written program from ASC you get a company risk specific detailed plan. that we will create with the insight of your company needs and ways you conduct business.

Does your organization need tailored forms or leading indicator risk management tools? We do those too.

ASC provides inspections for all industries and trades. We don't just conduct walkarounds of your work-sites, we also engage with your employees and help them understand what were looking for. We explain the erroneous regulations to them in layman's terms and coach your staff, to bring a positive outcome to all our inspections. 

Safety consulting on a job site can receive a bad rap or create nervous employees. First and foremost our safety professionals always talk with your employees and gain their trust. We want them to know were here for THEM and were not safety dictators. We work hand and hand with the employee not against them.e. It's easy.


Our site visits will include an in-depth health and safety assessment of the customers work area(s). The assessment will follow OSHA regulations pertinent to your industry and any occupational health and safety best management practices and written safety plan your company uses. Our assessments begin with an opening meeting with the project foreman/superintendent and we explain the process and scope of the inspection along with employee coaching for any needed recommendations of subcontractor(s)as needed. After completion of each assessment there will be a closing meeting that shall review positive findings and deficiencies with the company representatives. After that ASC  will create  an executive typed report for each site visited that explains the deficiency found, what regulation it falls under and requirements that were not met, as well as positive notes and actions noticed during the inspection. We include pictures with findings to help with employee education and company management insight.

Our inspection records automatically create trending graphs and metrics for every inspection we conduct for you. This allows for trending analysis and proactive reduction in repeat issues. 

Pocket size supervisor field manuals. Allows your employees with management responsibility to carry the company manual with ease. 

Never use bulky thick safety manuals in the field again.

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We're Here For You

We walk you through the complexities of regulations and prepare you and your employees to operate safely. Our team is committed to safety and efficiency and work to help you create a culture at your company and facility that believes in the OSHA guidelines and manages your safety systems.

Customized Solutions

We provide services to companies and facilities like your own throughout the US. Our team has a range of experience and uses that diverse experience to bring you the customized solutions that you need.

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We work tirelessly to identify the unique problems that face you and your company. We recognize that not every job is the same and that you have specific needs, which is why we craft a customized proposal for our approach to your situation.